Release of Gaidge 2.0

Gaidge LLC, Gainesville, GA announces new software release, Gaidge 2.0

September 10, 2019

Gaidge LLC announces new software release Gaidge 2.0. The company has completely rebuilt the platform and reports an improved user experience and more flexible interface to support future development.

Gaidge is a cloud-based business analytics software custom-built for orthodontic practices. The program offers its users comprehensive analysis and seamless, automated access to their practice's KPI's. With over 80 available metrics and 35 visual reports, Gaidge is an essential management tool that provides business intelligence dashboards, functional performance detail, benchmarking and practice performance comparisons.

The latest release of the software has been enhanced with a modern design, a simplified, more intuitive navigation and several new features. "Our team has been in collaboration for several months engineering the new platform and we are excited about the new functionality and better user interface for our clients. In addition to the modernization, we are enthusiastic about the future opportunity that the new platform offers us so that we can continue to meet the growing needs of our clients with improvements and the additional modules planned in our product pipeline." said Ryan Moynihan, CEO of Gaidge.

Gaidge 2.0 was designed by a team of software developers and UX (user experience) designers to provide a fresh, easy-to-navigate, easy-to-comprehend software. The new platform features greater visibility to practice goal achievement and users will find a new color-coding system intended to reduce cognitive processing and make information easier to understand in a snapshot.

Gaidge 2.0 additional features:

  • Executive dashboard
  • Simplified and more intuitive topline navigation and location/period selection
  • Greater visibility to goals and goal achievement progress
  • Clear, interactive legends, help and analysis explanations
  • Added starts detail and hover functionality with interactive selection on chart display
  • Color coded arrows and numbers for quick reference comparisons
  • Improved practice administrator settings

Powering Your Practice with Data Analytics

The powerful features of the Gaidge analytics software work seamlessly to provide unprecedented visibility into your practice's essential metrics and clear insights into your financial and operational performance.

  • Quickly identify opportunities to increase profitability and reduce waste.
  • No additional data entry
  • Real time analytics upload automatically every day saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Extend and elevate your operations with data visualization dashboards and industry benchmarks
  • Easily see your success and celebrate with your team using the Leaderboard and Goal tracking

About Gaidge

Gaidge is a data solutions company committed to providing actionable business intelligence for our clients. Our cloud-based analytics software is an essential business management tool for practice owners that provides business intelligence dashboards, benchmarking, and performance comparisons. Gaidge provides 80+ metrics daily on the health and progress of the practice using meaningful visuals and summaries that increase business acumen and enhance productivity and satisfaction for doctors and staff. Full integration with the leading practice management systems ensures accuracy and streamlines office functions and operations. Gaidge users are part of a secure community where they can review comparisons of aggregated data and leverage comprehensive performance benchmarks. Learn more at

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