Orthodontic practice consulting and implementation with Gaidge 360 Consulting.

Optimize every aspect of your practice with data-driven solutions that promote lean management, increase team accountability, and grow practice profitability.

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Why the nation's best orthodontists choose us for orthodontic practice consulting

Get customized solutions to grow your orthodontic practice

No matter how you define success, our orthodontic practice consulting services offer a full range of customized solutions to help you set and achieve performance vital to a healthy practice.

Software transitions and training

Schedule creation and optimization

Financial systems and insurance

Team training and role responsibility

Data foundations and Gaidge coaching

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Roles and Responsibilities

Clear job descriptions reduce stress and optimize team performance. We design accountability systems for treatment coordinators, financial teams, schedulers, clinicians, etc. Our HR solutions foster healthier practices, promoting sustained growth.

Systems Change Management

Practice workflow issues can occur after adopting new technology. Whether it's software, protocols, or digital systems, we assist in organizing, implementing, and facilitating the transition, ensuring team buy-in and a seamless shift.

Improve Productivity and Profitability

We aid in setting patient-focused goals, boosting case acceptance, and optimizing schedules for financial gain, patient access, and avoiding overbooking.

Organize Operational Systems

We implement new systems for practice growth, efficiency, and workflow improvement. Our orthodontic consultants delegate tasks, easing workloads and enhancing organization and leadership across all functions.

Accelerate Operational Efficiency

We spot opportunities for integrating innovations like virtual consults, intraoral scanning, and in-house equipment. Patient experiences improve through extra training on intake protocols and communication tech, building a positive practice image.

Orthodontic Marketing Consulting

From branding to collateral, we offer thorough reviews, complete recommendations, demographic insights, and actionable plans. These efforts spark new patient interest and team interactions aligned with your practice values.

Software Implementation

We expertly guide advanced practice management system adoption. Our solutions enhance efficiency and productivity, ensuring smooth orthodontic software implementation from simple to intricate setups.

Business Evaluation

Our strategic business sessions cover software navigation, team training, goal setting, accountability, statistics review, and day-to-day operations. The user-friendly tools help monitor vital metrics.

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Meet the orthodontic practice consulting team

Our orthodontic consultants are part of your journey. They provide expert guidance and work with your team to lay out the best next steps to improve your practice operations.

Jessica Bryson
Director of Consulting
Mary Beth Kirkpatrick
Founder & Senior Consultant
Jayce Deain
Stacey Bybee
Melissa Gardner
Andrea Cook
Partner & Orthodontic Consultant

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Monthly InsightSync Reviews

Get a monthly dose of data-driven insights and strategic recommendations right at your fingertips. Gaidge InsightSync reviews provide you with a dynamic, remote consultation to keep your business on the path to success. Sync up with our orthodontic practice consulting team every month to fine-tune your strategies.

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360Project Consulting

Need a solution to a specific challenge or opportunity? Our 360Project orthodontic consulting offers precision and expertise tailored to your project. Let us help you sculpt the perfect solution with our focused, hands-on approach.

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360Peak Comprehensive Packages

Elevate your business to peak performance with our 360Peak comprehensive orthodontic consulting packages. Experience a year-long journey of in-depth, collaborative consulting that is customized to your business. Unleash your full potential with a 12-month partnership built for lasting success.

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Here's what our 360 Consulting clients have to say:

“Gaidge 360 Consulting has been my go to source for hardware, software and consulting services for nearly 20 years. Whether we need help troubleshooting software problems or want to discuss current trends in orthodontic practice, the amazing team is always ready to help. The staff at Gaidge 360 Consulting has helped me organize my practice allowing me to do what I love in an efficient and effective way. I highly recommend Gaidge 360 Consulting for all your practice management needs!”

Dr. Mike Maslowski, Sawyer Creek Orthodontics and Vivid Orthodontics

“For the past 10 years, the team at Gaidge 360 Consulting has been responsible for our hardware configurations and keeping us at the forefront of technology in the orthodontic world. The hardware/networking installations have been seamless and occur with little or no interruption to our office schedule. Their expertise has allowed us to maximize our ROI. Responsive, trustworthy, a great value…..in addition, our practice has been the beneficiary of the Gaidge 360 Consulting, coaching, and software implementation expertise which has touched every aspect of our practice.”

R. Cree Hamilton, DDS, MS

“Before working with the Gaidge 360 Consulting team, I was working very hard to keep up my clinic schedule of 80 to 100 patients per day. It was exhausting. After implementing a new schedule and working with our staff to make effective changes, I am seeing the same number of patients each day with half the stress. I also have more time to devote to patients at every visit. It is amazing how much more enjoyable practice has become! The changes have actually made me consider extending my career.”

Aron Dellinger, Orthodontic Specialty Services

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