Gaidge has partnered with orthodontic practices across the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Australia to automatically gather and deliver key performance indicators that assist doctors, managers and team leaders in assessing needs, setting goals, and driving practice performance. Gaidge has the most accurate and robust database of information in the orthodontic industry. In addition, it includes the opportunity for clients to compare key practice performance indicators across practices much like their own to benchmark and keep pace with the market.

Gaidge Business Analytics has been a leader in reporting practice performance as well as industry trends since 2010. In 2017, Gaidge compiled and reported the activity of client orthodontists in over 1,400 locations with a combined annual Net Production of $1.44Bn and Net Collection following at $1.36Bn. This activity included 400,000 exams in which 282,000 were adolescents and 118,000 were adults. From these exams, 282,000 combined Comprehensive, Phase I, Phase II and Clear Aligner treatment starts were tracked in Gaidge.

Gaidge is simplifying the business of orthodontics.

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