Orthodontic Practice Growth Driven by Business Insights

Use business insights to improve the efficiency, profitability, and focus of your orthodontic practice.

Growth Tracking

Practice Analytics

Improved Productivity

Collection vs Production graph
User Interface example of a Patient Queue dashboard.
Pie chart showing origin of starts data
User Interface example of a patient's form status
Monthly staff budget progress bar

Make informed decisions and drive growth.

Even the best practices need to track their performance and use tools to drive efficiency. Gaidge allows you to harness data for actionable insights into your operations, financials, performance, and efficiency.

Consult manager overview

Gaidge Consult Manager

From insurance details and new patient forms to appointment confirmations, follow-up reminders, and a payment presentation tool, our software has everything your team needs to close new patient and obs exams smoothly.

One dashboard for all patient tasks and information

Create more efficient NP exams

Make conversion seamless with a payment slider and remote contract acceptance

Key performance indicator dashboard

Gaidge Analytics

Don't rely on outdated reports and spreadsheets. Automated integrations with your existing practice management software bring your data to life with easy-to-use dashboards—80+ practice metrics and 35+ reporting dashboards.

KPI tracking and progress reports by department

Data comparisons from over 2,000 offices, across 8 regions

Performance tracking across multiple practices through simple PMS integration

Client forms

Gaidge Forms

Crafted by the consultant team at Gaidge 360 Consulting, your Gaidge Forms portal contains four ready-made templates for adult and child health history, updated health history forms, and HIPAA-compliant electronic forms for signatures.

Track form completion and send patient reminders

Integrate your new patient intake process with your website

Add your branding to any questionnaire or signature form

Overhead reports

Gaidge Executive Membership

Automatic nightly updates from the Overhead Expense Tracker give you a real-time view of your spending and budgeting. Practice Projections lets you forecast growth at any point in the year.

Access live overhead summary with a detailed list of expenses

Budget spending and track progress simultaneously

Profitability reports with complete revenue and expense data

Seamless integration with with Quickbooks and Xero

Gaidge 360 Consulting

Reach new heights with Gaidge 360 Consulting

Elevate your orthodontic practice's business operations, staff management, and patient systems with guidance and support from Gaidge 360 Consulting.

Medical professionals working in a clinic

Gaidge 360 Consulting

Whether you're looking to generate growth, increase case acceptance, succeed in your market, or improve bottom-line numbers, our orthodontic practice consulting team is committed to achieving your goals.

Organized operational systems

Range of software expertise

Systems change management

HR assistance and accountabilities

Scheduling needs analysis

Expert insight into unrealized opportunities

Customized and comprehensive

Our consultants leverage technology and their office experience to make sure each function and element of your business works together to ensure a better work-life balance and dependable growth.

Practice management expertise

Our consulting team excels in software and data analysis. We focus on actionable goals to ensure your team maximizes the tools they have and creates a culture of performance and accountability.

Collaborative strategies

The industry experts at Gaidge 360 help your practice develop a customized approach and create systems that meet and exceed your internal goals.

Over 2,000 orthodontic practice locations trust Gaidge to help run their practice efficiently and drive growth.

“The first morning meeting of every month we review the stats of the previous month. Gaidge has made this process so straight forward and easy! We don’t have to get to work early or stay late to prepare and run several different reports, allowing our team to focus on the health of our office. Plus being able to compare to other offices that are similar to ours helps keep our office accountable for things we could improve and see areas where we are excelling.”

Kristen Fritz DDS, MS

“As an orthodontist, I've always believed in the power of innovation to transform patient care. The Gaidge Consult Manager is more than a tool – it's a game-changer.  Seeing our patients understand their options makes accepting treatment in the office and at home easier.  Gaidge Consult Manager has become an indispensable ally in my journey to new patient management and getting patients to yes.”

Dr. Brian Rochford

“Gaidge Consult Manager is a total game-changer for our practice! It's like having everything we need for consultations in one super smooth and organized place. No more jumping between different apps – this integration is a lifesaver, making our interactions with patients more focused and efficient. Gaidge Consult Manager has seriously improved our game, smoothing our workflow and boosting the overall patient experience. You need this tool in your life!”

Autumn Moore at Canales Orthodontics

“Our Gaidge tool identifies trends, confirms them, and allows owner/doctors the chance to 'manage' through this resource faster than anything available... like having night vision goggles.”

Chris Bentson, Bentson Copple & Associates

More starts
New Gaidge users reported an average 12% increase in starts their first year on Gaidge
Increased collections
New Gaidge users' Collections increased 10% in their first year on Gaidge
Higher net production
The average Gaidge practice is 25% larger than the average orthodontic practice in net production
Increased case fees
The average Gaidge practice increased their case fees 3% or over $100 in their first year on Gaidge

Onboarding guidance and software support

Every Gaidge practice receives comprehensive guidance from our support team so they learn and understand how to navigate our software and make the most of our tools from day one.

Our implementation includes a full data review, best practices, and training so users can make data-driven decisions, save time and resources, and maximize their investments in their practice.