Gaidge Consult Manager

New patient conversion tracking system

Improve patient care, increase team efficiency and revenue, and make better sales and marketing decisions by tracking patient conversion. Track and develop successful conversion strategies in the Gaidge Consult Manager.

Centralize all new patient details in one dashboard, including insurance, forms, appointments, reminders, and payment presentation tools. With so much information in your team's hands, you can easily close new patient and obs exams.

Perfect your conversion process

Does your Treatment Coordinator manually create daily reports to identify patients for follow-up? Is your Scheduling Coordinator toggling between systems to send out new patient forms?

Help your team overcome patient doubts by equipping them with a solid conversion process and complete patient details at every step.

Gaidge Consult Manager tracks new patient tasks and centralizes relevant documentation in one dashboard. Optimize each team member's experience by customizing tasks for location, doctors, coordinators, insurance, and more.

From consultation to close—get new patient task management for the whole team

Guarantee pending patient conversion

Set consultation follow-up actions assigned to specific team members so there's never a question of what to do next.

  • Easily track task status and completion date
  • Spot areas that can be streamlined
  • Test marketing campaigns and sales strategies
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User Interface for Patient checklist

Stay prepared with patient info

Consult Manager stores all patient information in one dashboard. So, each task you complete in the conversion process adds details to their chart.

  • Capture signed digital intake forms with Gaidge Forms
  • Upload and store insurance and payment data
  • See exam dates and send follow-up reminders
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Patient information user interface

Drive revenue growth through efficiency

Increasing new patient rates and improving the conversion process allows orthodontic practices to increase revenue and overall profitability.

  • Reduce manual tracking and reporting
  • Benchmark conversion rates to measure performance
  • Use remote treatment access to boost conversion
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User interface for treatment recommendations

Make it easy for patients to say yes!

Patient Dashboard

Keep track of patients whose insurance has been verified and new patient forms have been submitted. Check appointment confirmations to help reduce no-shows.

Review patient statuses to track conversion funnel progress and prioritize follow-up actions.

Payment Presentation

Level up your payment presentation with polished visuals, including custom text, insurance details, and fee display.

Patients can now easily customize their down payment and monthly payments using a user-friendly payment slider. And they can accept treatment at home through email.

Hear what Gaidge Consult Manager users are saying

“I like having the necessary info at my fingertips so I don't have to jump around from so many screens.  I'm able to keep up on my follow up calls and see where I'm at in the process.”

Amy Markham

Cordoba Orthodontics

“Gaidge Consult Manager is easy to use and digital intake forms save a ton of time.”

Steven Guelff

Guelff Orthodontics

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