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Orthodontic practice statistics to power change

The Gaidge platform's powerful orthodontic statistics software gives you unprecedented visibility into your practice's performance.

Access 80+ practice metrics and 35+ reporting dashboards, and see how you compare to other practices in your area.

Orthodontic statistics with Gaidge Analytics

Monitoring efficiency and profitability used to mean juggling a practice management system and clunky spreadsheets. Manually analyzing your data makes meaningful practice growth difficult.

Gaidge's automated business data analysis software simplifies the process of tracking, measuring, and analyzing essential benchmarks. We provide reliable performance metrics to target crucial KPIs like calls, exams, and patient starts.

Manage everything from one easy-to-use platform for data visualization.

Simple practice analytics dashboards for everyone on your team

Practice production and collections data

View real-time dashboards that help you track revenue and profitability. They are perfect for Finance Coordinators and Practice Managers to oversee practice performance.

  • Net Production vs. Net Collection
  • Average Contract Amount
  • Payment Arrangements
  • Discounts & Write-Offs
  • Production per Doctor/Staff Hour
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Production Statistics

New patient exams and starts data

Track practice growth metrics to boost starts or find more downtime. Our dashboards take the abstract data and translate it into easy-to-understand insights.

  • New Patients Added
  • Exams Completed Detail
  • Treatment Starts Detail
  • Case Acceptance
  • Origin of Starts
  • Marketing Referrals
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Treatment Statistics

Practice observation data

Identify trends in patient demographics and treatment outcomes to improve patient care. Make better business decisions with analytics for patient satisfaction, treatment completion rates, and revenue.

  • Pre-Treatment Observation Patients
  • Between Phases Observation Patients
  • Starts from Observation
  • Phase 2 to Phase 1 Starts
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Pre-Treatment Statistics

A/R & Delinquency

Tracking your A/R and delinquencies is vital to meeting revenue goals.

Use Gaidge's A/R and delinquency reports to monitor the effectiveness of your financial follow-up processes.

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Patient Delinquency Summary
  • Insurance Delinquency Summary
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Graph of Accounts Receivable data

Schedule and appointment statistics

Gain insight into essential scheduling and appointment metrics. Visualizing your data in real-time gives you a clear understanding of your practice's efficiency.

  • Patients Beyond ECD
  • Retention Appointments Completed
  • Active Patients with No Appointment
  • Patients per Doctor Hour
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Graph of Patients Beyond Estimated Completion Date data

Treatment efficiency tracking

Without automated dashboards, measuring the value you provide patients is a challenge.

Gaidge's treatment outcomes dashboard shows which treatments yield the best results.

  • Value per Visit and Avg. Number of Visits
  • Estimated vs. Actual Months to Completion
  • Debonds by Treatment Type
  • Debonds and Starts per Debond
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Debonds graph

Improve patient care through business and treatment forecasting

80+ Growth Metrics

Access 80+ metrics on your mission-critical key performance indicators for a complete picture of your practice's health.

Competitive Comparisons

Compare your performance to industry data from 1,500+ practices and benchmarking across 11 regions.

PMS Integration

Gaidge connects to leading orthodontic software for the most accurate analysis of performance. See our complete list.

Benchmark Notifications

Receive notifications for critical business metrics when you fall below orthodontic industry benchmarks.

Multiple Practice Tracking

Monitor and compare data points by practice location (or roll up for a comprehensive view) to manage all levels of your organization.

Automatic Data Updates

Track up-to-date metrics as your practice management system processes and uploads data to Gaidge automatically daily.

Built-in Guides

Use helpful guides in every chart to help you understand calculations, impact to your practice, and tips to problem solve.

Homepage Dashboard

Customize dashboards with permissions to include relevant metrics and an executive summary of your most critical stats.

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Hear what Gaidge Analytics users are saying

“The statistics and insights Gaidge gives me allow me to make strategic decisions and the ability to make changes that will have a positive impact for our practice.”

Jesse Carmen

Carmen Orthodontics

“The Reports are the first thing I view each morning when I get to the office.  The ease of the reports combined with the dashboard allow me to quickly focus on any issue within the practice.”

Darin Bennett

Taylor Orthodontics

“I love the metrics/the info on our practice and having them at my fingertips on the app and having the app and desktop version with an appearance thats good looking and easy to read and navigate.”

Carter Thomas

Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics

“I have been a user since 2012 and I think this an amazing product and worth every penny. It provides solid data to make actionable plans.”

Elizabeth Morejon

Morejon and Andrews Orthodontics

“We would not be able to put together a spreadsheet where our team and doctors could review as well your dashboard and summary. And the numbers are pulled directly from the software, there is very little room for error. Part of our success year over year is from the analytics and knowing our true numbers and what our most important measures are.”

Kayla Heissenbuttel

Lyons Orthodontics

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