Gaidge Product Reviews

Find out why orthodontists and their teams love Gaidge features like practice statistics, consulting, online forms, and more.

“Gaidge is the lifeline to my practice. I have been spoiled with the easy-to-use, graphic design. I review it every day to retrieve 'pulse of the practice' statistics.”

Todd S. Bovenizer


“The first morning meeting of every month we review the stats of the previous month. Gaidge has made this process so straight forward and easy! We don’t have to get to work early or stay late to prepare and run several different reports, allowing our team to focus on the health of our office. Plus being able to compare to other offices that are similar to ours helps keep our office accountable for things we could improve and see areas where we are excelling.”
Kristen Fritz

Kristen Fritz


“Your Gaidge tool identifies trends, confirms them, and allows owner/doctors the chance to 'manage' through this resource faster than anything available... like having night vision goggles.”

Chris Bentson

Bentson Copple & Associates

“I'm impressed with the depth of sophistication involved in Gaidge; doctors, TCs, scheduling and financial coordinators are all tied together. Before Gaidge we analyzed our data and identified trends, all doctor-centric, and now everyone has eyes on the process. The term 'Team' takes on new meaning and a much loftier goal. I'm definitely a Gaidge believer ...”
W. Ron Redmond

W. Ron Redmond

DDS, MS, FACD, CEO Schulman Study Group

“... The easy access from home or office, for me or my staff, keeps my practice at its best ...”
Richard Boyd

Richard E. Boyd


“At The McGill & Hill Group, our focus is on short term goals and long term strategies. Gaidge is an invaluable resource that we use to monitor client progress. Making minor adjustments to our strategy based on readily accessible business intelligence can result in significant outcomes for our clients. The McGill & Hill Group is proud to be a Gaidge believer...”
John McGill

John McGill

The McGill & Hill Group

“One of the best things about Gaidge-I'm on the road lecturing for Invisalign often. I update my information quarterly on our progress and update my slides. Previously, I’d run reports on OrthoTrac to get current numbers and trends, but now I get most things from Gaidge.”

Greg Nalchajian


“Gaidge provides practice statistics on a user-friendly platform that allows me to monitor performance and on-going changes with my clients. Reviewing numbers with doctors on a regular basis is simplified with Gaidge as it provides accurate practice information without the need to run and decipher numerous reports. I have found Gaidge to be an effective tool to monitor and motivate team members for increased practice efficiency and productivity.”

Debbie Best

The Consulting Network

“I love Gaidge and use it all the time to help me Gaidge the health of my practice and the performance of my staff.”

Deborah A. Ferrer


“I love Gaidge. It helps me to easily view delinquent accounts and keep track of production and collections.”

Eric R. Nease


“Gaidge has been an excellent tool for me to stay on top of my clients' progress. It is very comprehensive. In addition to tracking their progress, we can also set goals for the coming year. It is so easy to see how well the practice is performing relative to the goals. I also like the fact that the numbers are coming out of the client's software program. It allows us to make adjustments if things are not being posted correctly. It is much more efficient than transferring data to an Excel spreadsheet. Gaidge helps me pinpoint areas that need focus quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Gaidge.”
Charlene White

Charlene White

Progressive Concepts

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