Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

We have a complete integration with the leading practice management systems: Carestream (OrthoTrac), cloud9Ortho, Dolphin, Ortho2 (ViewPoint and Edge) and Tops that interfaces and transfers the required information to Gaidge nightly. The Gaidge team will assist you in setting up the framework that will generate information for your practice metrics. Click here to request your demo today!

Aren't these numbers in my management system?

Yes, the data is input, stored and pulled from your management system. However, the information is warehoused in large data sets and scattered in various reports. In order to make use of the data in your PMS, a practice must search for, pull and compile these reports. This is a time consuming process that can introduce error. Gaidge brings your information together in one place with insights, visualization, benchmarks and comparisons, making your data meaningful and actionable for you.

Is my data shared?

Gaidge shares anonymous aggregated roll up comparisons to Gaidge subscribers, based on the AAO constituency regions, to help our users and the industry understand comparisons and trends. Occasionally anonymous aggregated data is used to support articles and education. The data gathered covers multiple states and cannot be tracked to one zip code or location due to the regional settings and the anonymous codes that are assigned when data is pulled. Personal practice information is never shared.

What if I need help or training on how to use Gaidge?

Gaidge has several tutorial videos on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. We also offer comprehensive onboarding training for all Gaidge users in the practice as well as ongoing technical support.

How do I access my Gaidge information?

The information for Gaidge is collected and electronically transferred nightly to the secure Gaidge application. A user login name and password will be assigned to each team member and allows access to your practice statistics based on permissions set.

Is my information secure?

Yes, your practice management data transfers to Gaidge with an anonymous and unique identifier that does not contain any personal patient information. Gaidge gathers your data with unique identifiers, then pulls the data into an aggregated format at the practice management level. From there it is transferred into the dashboards and charts, providing accuracy of performance and delivering visualization without any trace back to an individual. We have reasonable and appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures in place to help safeguard your personal information. However, you should know that no company, including Gaidge, can fully eliminate security risks associated with personal information. To help protect yourself, use a strong password and protect your user names and passwords to help prevent others from accessing your accounts and services.

When will Gaidge be available for my practice management software?

We are continually pursuing integrations with practice management software providers to integrate Gaidge. We work with the leading six providers but if you are interested in an Gaidge integration with another practice management software package, please let us know:

What is included in my onboarding training?

Our onboarding training includes the data foundation, full technical support, navigational tours and two consulting sessions in your first year. If you need additional technical support, coaching or consulting, we have team members ready to help you. For technical concerns, contact us at

Gaidge Mobile FAQs

What is Gaidge Mobile?

Gaidge Mobile is the application available for both Apple and Android devices and delivers a concise overview of your practice. All practices with an active Gaidge contract have access to Gaidge Mobile.

How do I get access to Gaidge Mobile?

Once you download and install the Gaidge Mobile app, you simply login using the same user name and password that you currently use to access Gaidge. If you have access to the Gaidge Dashboard, then you have everything you need to get started with Gaidge Mobile.

How is Gaidge Mobile different from the regular Gaidge website?

You have access to the entire Gaidge application through your mobile device! You will need the desktop version when making updates to practice settings, goals and other administrative tasks.

Can I limit which Staff members have access to Gaidge Mobile?

You can control access to Gaidge Mobile by editing the Role for each staff member you want to have access to Gaidge Mobile. By assigning access to the Gaidge Dashboard, then that user has access to Gaidge Mobile. Additionally, you can turn on (or off) specific sections of the Dashboard and the Gaidge Mobile app will automatically recognize those changes and adjust access to the corresponding tabs in Gaidge Mobile.