Andrea Cook Consulting Partners with Gaidge 360 Consulting

May 16, 2024
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ALPHARETTA, Ga.— (BUSINESS WIRE) — Gaidge 360 Consulting, a leading provider of orthodontic practice consulting services, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Andrea Cook, a distinguished expert with over 20 years of chairside experience in clinical procedures. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in Gaidge 360 Consulting's mission to empower orthodontic practices with innovative solutions and enhance clinical efficiency through the power of data and experience.   

Andrea Cook is widely recognized as a pillar in the orthodontics industry for her clinical expertise. Her deep understanding of clinical procedures, coupled with her proven track record in enhancing productivity and efficiency, will enrich Gaidge 360 Consulting's consulting services, enabling orthodontic practices to achieve new levels of success.

Andrea Cook shared her enthusiasm for the new partnership, saying, “I am excited to partner with Gaidge as an additional support for their clients.  The data that they gather is instrumental for offices to understand their clinical efficiency and address areas for improvement.  The clean, clear, unbiased data they collect from your operating system is a true picture of what is happening in your practice.  I look forward to working with clients to understand this data and implement procedures and protocols to move your practice to its highest level of efficiency.”  

With Andrea Cook joining the team, Gaidge 360 Consulting is poised to offer orthodontic practices a broader spectrum of specialized services. The Gaidge 360 Consulting Team specializes in optimizing practice operations through data-driven solutions, implementing lean management techniques, and fostering team accountability — all designed to drive productivity and profitability. Andrea's extensive background as a clinical consultant enriches Gaidge’s ability to deliver customized and effective strategies to every practice, transforming everyday challenges into opportunities for growth.  

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation to better understand the improvements your practice may need and ways our team can assist in enhancing your practice.  

About Gaidge

Since 2010, Gaidge has been a key player in transforming orthodontic practices by delivering insightful business analytics through data science. Our solutions streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive profitability. We combine decades of orthodontic experience with cutting-edge technology, providing tools for effective practice management, such as performance tracking, patient conversion management, and HIPAA-compliant form handling. Dedicated to empowering orthodontists with data for informed decisions, we strive for a future where practices thrive on efficiency and advanced analytics.