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Orthodontist experiencing orthodontic practice growth discusses treatment options with a happy new patient.

Your Guide to Optimizing the New Patient Conversion Funnel

Patient conversions are the pulse of your practice. Optimize your conversion funnel with Gaidge’s comprehensive guide for an organized, simplified, and proactive approach to patient management. Read more to learn how...

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Man at computer reviewing new patient information

Introducing Gaidge Consult Manager: A Game-Changing Solution for New Orthodontic Patient Conversion

Gaidge Announces Breakthrough Feature Set to Maximize the New Patient Conversion Process

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Hands type on a laptop popping up animated orthodontic marketing graphics, like SEO and a bar graph.

How to Analyze Lead Sources to Prepare Your Orthodontic Marketing Budget

Your orthodontic practice’s lead sources are a roadmap to prospective patients, so it’s important to understand them. Here’s how you can analyze lead sources to allocate your marketing budget, maximize your ROI,...

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Doctor and staff looking at a computer

Should You Hire an Orthodontic Practice Consultant?

Orthodontic practice management can be challenging alone, but you can reach every goal with the help of an orthodontic consultant. Gaidge 360 Consulting is a team of experts that helps your practice improve productivity,...

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Team around a table reviewing data and graphs

2022 Year in Review

Check out this infographic with comprehensive 2022 statistics and trends from U.S Gaidge Practices.

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orthodontic practice marketing

Foolproof 3-Step Marketing Guide for Every Orthodontic Practice

It's Time to Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing Your Orthodontic Practice. Let Gaidge Show You How.

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orthodontist analyzing financial data

Is Your Orthodontic Practice Ready to Grow in 2023?

With 2023 on the horizon, now is the time to devise a plan using our Executive Membership’s true 360-degree perspective. This supplemental feature of Gaidge Analytics offers key insight into the financial outlook of...

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Summer Blues or a Bursting Bubble? What Business Intelligence is telling us about the 2022 Market

Summer Blues or a Bursting Bubble? What Business Intelligence is telling us about the 2022 Market

At Gaidge we recommend practice owners regularly and closely monitor five key metrics, which provide critical insights into the marketplace and your practice's performance. Net production, net collections, new...

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Gaidge New Patient Tracker Preview

Gaidge Debuts New Patient Tracker Module at Miami AAO

Gaidge announces a preview launch of its New Patient Tracker module which will provide comprehensive task management and tracking throughout the new patient journey, including a payment presentation tool and the ability...

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