4 Easy Steps to Improve Your New Patient Conversion Rate

February 20, 2024
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Key Takeaways

  • Address problem areas in the orthodontic conversion funnel highlighted by 2023 data to optimize your process.
  • Streamline patient management with Gaidge Consult Manager's Patient Queue dashboard, centralizing critical patient information.
  • Enhance patient intake efficiency with HIPAA-compliant digital forms for easier access to information and less paperwork.
  • Build trust and transparency in payment discussions using the Payment Presentation tool, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Implement effective follow-up strategies with Gaidge Consult Manager to keep potential patients engaged and guide them toward treatment.

Soar Beyond Your Orthodontic Conversion Goals

According to 2023's data, improving your new patient conversion rate should be a top priority in 2024. There have been many fluctuations in the past six years (especially with COVID-19).

However, recent data shows blockages in the conversion funnel:  

  • The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) has slowed for New Patient Adds for the last 5 years to 0.32%
  • Case acceptance for single-owner practices has dropped to 55% in 2023, compared to 68% in 2022
  • Starts from Obs have decreased from 20% to only 16%
  • The number of Obs Patients Seen decreased by 2%
  • Obs Not Seen in 12+ Months have steadily increased

While New Patient Adds to Exams data shows that practices have stabilized post-pandemic, it's clear that there's still room for improvement. That's why we've outlined the four easiest steps to help you optimize your new patient conversion rate and grow your practice.

1. Organize Info into One Dashboard

Patient Queue Dashboard

Scattered patient information across multiple systems can lead to missed follow-ups and lost conversion opportunities. Gaidge Consult Manager’s Patient Queue dashboard centralizes all patient data in one place, improving conversion rates.

This dashboard helps all team members:

  • Track vital patient activities like insurance information and form completion
  • Identify and follow up with pending patients quickly
  • View and confirm appointments, reducing no-shows
  • Keep updated patient statuses for those in the conversion funnel
With a more streamlined approach, your practice can effectively maximize efficiency and patient conversion rates.

2. Use Proactive Digital Intake Forms

If your practice still uses paper intake forms, you risk falling behind in efficiency and patient satisfaction. A paperless intake solution, like Gaidge Forms, can help your practice transition smoothly from new patient calls to consult.

It allows your front desk to:

  • Offer easy-to-access, HIPAA-compliant digital forms that patients can fill out at their convenience
  • Monitor form completion and send reminders using built-in analytics
  • Utilize custom-built templates from the Gaidge 360 Consulting team, adding a personal touch with your practice branding
  • Streamline patient processing, making your practice more efficient and responsive to patient needs

With Gaidge Forms, you can offer what the vast majority of today's patients want. You'll also be able to cut down time in the waiting room, making it easier to increase your conversion rates.

3. Optimize Payment Discussions with Transparent Payment Tools

Payment Presentation Tool

One of the main reasons prospective patients hesitate to commit to orthodontic treatment is because of financial concerns. However, you can open the floor to more transparent payment discussions with an organized payment solution. Gaidge Consult Manager’s easy-to-use Payment Presentation tool lightens the decision-making process for patients. With this tool, you can:

  • Show patients a comprehensive screen with insurance details, treatment options, and total costs, building trust and confidence in your practice
  • Feature a payment slider tool for adjustable down payments, monthly amounts, and payment plan lengths for informed financial decisions
  • Offer remote treatment acceptance, allowing patients to agree to their treatment plan via email at their convenience and comfort
With a better organized payment system, getting patients to understand and accept their treatment isn’t such a hurdle. 

4. Stay Ahead with Effective Follow-Up Strategies

Timing is crucial when following up with patients. An effective, timely follow-up strategy keeps your practice top-of-mind during the decision-making process. As such, consistent communication is vital for nudging patients from initial consultation to treatment.

With Gaidge Consult Manager, you won't leave any potential new patients behind.

  1. Streamline follow-up monitoring. The system helps you track undecided patients by automating reminder notifications. It prompts your Treatment Coordinator to personally follow up and provide regular reminders and updates about your services. This way, you can demonstrate your commitment and gently guide patients towards active treatment.
  1. Convert observation patients. In light of recent data, you can’t overlook your observation patients. Gaidge Consult Manager organizes your Obs patients by treatment readiness, enabling a tailored approach to guide them towards treatment. This way, you can remove blockages in your conversion funnel and increase starts.
Managing Patient Follow-Ups with Gaidge Consult Manager

With an effective follow-up strategy, your practice can significantly improve new patient conversion rates. You’ll be able to connect with patients at the most critical decision stages, turning their consideration into commitments.

Maximize New Patient Conversions & Grow Your Practice

Your orthodontic conversion funnel is a critical journey, guiding patients from initial contact to their final commitment to treatment. It gives you the opportunity to shine, demonstrating your expertise and commitment to patient care.

With Gaidge Consult Manager, you'll have the tools and insights to enhance every step of this journey. From streamlining patient information and optimizing payment discussions to ensuring timely and effective follow-ups, our solution empowers you to provide exceptional patient experiences.

Discover how Gaidge Consult Manager can transform your practice and boost your new patient conversion rates. Schedule a demo today, and let's take your practice to new heights together.

Callie Norton


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