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Save Money and Time with Gaidge Performance Analysis Calculating complicated financial data and compiling those numbers into one central report takes a lot of time. Allow Gaidge to automate that process. Our team will train your staff to enter a few key codes and you can leave the rest to Gaidge! Contact us today to learn more about how this solution, offered at a low monthly subscription rate, will provide you the framework needed to spot areas of concern quickly and free up valuable staff time so they can better address those needs.

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Gaidge is an Informative Tool for Your Consultant Your consultant will appreciate the precise information that Gaidge provides. We have also programmed some industry benchmarks which will create warnings when an area needs to be addressed. Providing your consultant access to your information will create a gateway of simple data exchange eliminating hours of work for both of you!

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Regional and National Comparisons For years, doctors have asked "What's going on with other practices in my area?" Historically, these numbers have been difficult to obtain and verify because it required filling out a survey and calculating mountains of information. Gaidge is storing data from practices for the purpose of comparing numbers at a regional and national level. Practice specific information will never be revealed.

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Over 35 Visual Charts And Graphs Gaidge provides a wide array of visual reports which allow you to easily spot practice trends and focus on areas of concern. The dashboard highlights vital practice metrics, providing a quick snapshot of performance each month. Set practice goals and monitor them daily on the Leaderboard chart. Our industry benchmarks offer visual targets and Gaidge alerts notify you if specific areas need attention.

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Gaidge Report Summary Provides Data Breakdowns by Location The Gaidge Summary provides a data breakdown grid containing all of the information that makes up each of the charts. These numbers reveal individual information for each location by date and allow you to find the exact source of a problematic data point so you can address the issue at the location level. The summary also includes a full Monthly, Quarterly and Year to Date breakdown of practice performance.

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Practice Management Software Integrations for Automated Information Gathering Your Practice Management System will automatically upload information to Gaidge for processing on a nightly basis allowing you a day-by-day snapshot of your practice health. Gaidge is currently available in cloud9ortho, CS OrthoTrac, Dolphin Management, Ortho2 Edge and Ortho2 ViewPoint. Watch for other integrations coming soon.

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Practice Level Management Assures Privacy, Security, and Flexibility The Practice Management tab allows you to turn off reports that you choose not to view each month allowing you to customize Gaidge to fit your needs. Also from this tab, you can determine specific permission settings for your employees. This allows them to access only the information that you wish them to see while blocking other reports. You can also set permissions for your consultant(s) to view your numbers making it easier for them to evaluate your progress. See Gaidge in Action



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