Sue Hanen

Sue Hanen

Senior Consultant

Certified Professional Coach
Kolbe Consultant

By pairing proven methods, and a hands-on approach with coaching, together, we foster business growth, team development, and commitment. I have been in the orthodontic consulting and coaching business for 24 years delivering comprehensive sustainable operational and management systems. Clients gain more freedom and the pathway to improving performance, efficiency, and accountability. While having a focus on goals, my passions are helping clients bring order to chaos with diligent fact-finding, planning, implementation, and follow-through.

​Getting to know Sue

My "why" is creating the Value of Time in my client and team's day to day life. Whether it be by decreasing stress, increasing revenue, or developing options such as attending a child's soccer game… that time is priceless. Together we address the business of orthodontics, and your vision to get the results you desire. Baby steps lead to the long-term desired outcomes.

I provide the support, and when necessary, ask tough questions so clients can make the changes to create the life they want. When it's time to play, you may find me on the golf course, exercising, fly fishing, or occasionally in the kitchen.

I am a constant learner and often enrolled in a class that provides me with information about leadership, goals, personal development, and coaching.

Experience Highlights

  • Business Analysis and Interpretation
  • Setting Practice Goals
  • Creating Sustainable Operational Efficiency
  • Providing department Daily/Weekly/Monthly Checklist and accountability measures
  • Optimizing Schedules
  • Designing long-term certainty, clarity, and connection for a strong and committed team
  • Life/Professional Coaching
  • Lecture Nationally & Internationally
  • Owner - Ortho360Matrix - the blueprint for operational success with an easy to use cloud-based software that allows access to your protocols, supporting documentation and accountability tools.

Hear from Sue's clients

I have been working with Sue since the inception of our practice over ten years ago. Sue has been an invaluable resource at each step along the way. Her broad skill set and experience have helped us build and grow our practice while maintaining a clear handle on our metrics and performance. The systems Sue has helped us create and implement have allowed us to grow year after year while becoming more efficient at the same time. Most importantly, Sue always focuses on the vision we have for our practice and customizes systems that work best for our needs and goals.

Dr. Jonathan Johnson, Johnson Orthodontics

I told Sue that, "I love being an orthodontist, the only thing in the world that I like more than being an Orthodontist, is not being one!" She understood the analogy. We were struggling with working excessively, inefficiently, and unproductively. She helped us craft the practice that we wanted. Work hard; play hard! As someone who prides themselves on being a problem solver and a do-it-yourselfer, this was not something that I could do for myself. Sue has come into our practice and helped us transform it into something that mirrors our values, lifestyle, and long term goals.

Dr. Rush-Baker Caldwell, Palmetto Orthodontics

I measure our practice in two eras- "Pre-Sue and post-Sue." We have made many great practice decisions, but inviting Sue into our practice, and our lives, is by far the best. Let me clarify- she truly changed, actually revolutionized, the way we slay the dragon each day. Through Sue's guidance and instruction, we are able to work less and produce more. I have a big imagination, but I did not think it was possible to revolutionize our practice the way she has- and in a way where the whole team is on board!

Dr. Trecy Watson, Palmetto Orthodontics

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