Melissa Gardner

Melissa Gardner


Melissa Gardner is a highly experienced professional in the dental and orthodontics industry, with over 18 years of expertise and a diverse background in various roles. Throughout her career, Melissa has excelled as a Treatment Coordinator, Dental/Orthodontic Assistant, Clinical Director, Marketing Director, and Administration Professional.

Getting to know Melissa

Melissa's commitment and understanding of orthodontics enables her to truly connect with each team member and empower them to strive to serve their patients at the highest level. Her deep understanding of what drives patients to accept treatment and her ability to connect with each patient gives her a strong ability to help teams build a one-of-a-kind new patient experience from the initial call to the acceptance of treatment and beyond.

One of Melissa's passions is providing sales team training for scheduling teams and treatment coordinators. Her expertise in understanding the clinical and sales side of orthodontics gives her a unique process with training treatment coordinators to increase patient consultations and present treatment plans in a clear yet persuasive manner, leading to improved case acceptance.

Recognizing the importance of clinic efficiency, Melissa has thrived in implementing protocols and optimizing appointment sequences to increase patient flow, reduce appointments, and ultimately shorten overall treatment time.

Experience Highlights

  • Successfully implementing strategies to enhance the efficiency of new patient outreach, improve communication during initial calls to build value, and reduce new patient exam no-show rates
  • Strong understanding of how marketing can increase practice growth and the importance of operational efficiency
  • Developing and launching strategic marketing plans that have resulted in significant business growth
  • Developing and implementing strategic treatment presentation processes to increase conversion rates and ensure a complete understanding and acceptance of orthodontic treatment.

Hear from Melissa's clients

"Melissa has consistently demonstrated exceptional work ethics and in-depth expertise in orthodontics, contributing significantly to our team's achievements, including a notable 24% increase in annual production. Her comprehensive understanding of the field, from clinical operations to treatment coordinating, is unparalleled. Moreover, her remarkable efficiency and skill are evident in her ability to manage a heavy patient schedule, showcasing an extraordinary level of dexterity and drive, even when working left-handed! Melissa’s unique blend of leadership, knowledge, and operational efficiency makes her an invaluable asset to any team."

Dr. Kyle Sparkman

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