Orthodontic Team Management: The Power of Role-Based Data

July 24, 2023
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How You Can Leverage Data-Driven Decision-Making to Optimize Your Orthodontic Team

In the orthodontic industry, data-driven decision-making has become more than a trend. Rather, it's a fundamental part of business ownership. No longer a nice-to-have, data plays a critical role in orthodontic offices, determining the stability of their futures.

For better or for worse, knowing your metrics can change the entire trajectory of your business. There are many benefits of data-driven decisions. However, the responsibility of understanding and acting on these metrics doesn't just fall on your shoulders. It falls on your team's, too.

To the point, role-specific data allows your team to gauge their performance, know where to improve, and make informed decisions. When your team understands their metrics, they can contribute to your business's overall success and foster a positive work environment.

Unlocking your orthodontic office's full potential hinges on efficient tool utilization, aiding your team's decision-making processes. With Gaidge Analytics' data-driven insights, your team can tackle bottlenecks, track progress, and drive your practice towards success.

Here's how Gaidge Analytics empowers each role within your practice, propelling your operations to new heights.

Doctors, Practice Managers, and Financial Coordinators

From maintaining clinical standards to ensuring your business's financial health, doctors, practice managers, and financial coordinators form the financial structure of your practice. However, these team leaders' roles can be challenging without an organized approach. Since they're responsible for your practice's most critical decisions, they need to be as informed as possible.

In Gaidge Analytics' Productions & Collections Report, these vital roles gain a comprehensive report of their practice's financial health. It allows users to track:

  • Net Production vs. Net Collection
  • Average Contract Amount
  • Payment Arrangements
  • Discounts and Write-offs

Additionally, doctors, practice managers, and financial coordinators can reference the A/R & Delinquency Report for other critical financial indicators. It offers detailed information on Accounts Receivable, Patient Delinquency, and Insurance Delinquency. This enables team members to manage patient accounts effectively, handle delinquencies promptly, and maintain a steady practice cash flow.

With these data-driven insights, each critical role can make strategic business decisions, improve efficiency, and drive growth.

Treatment Coordinators and Marketing Coordinators

Essentially, treatment coordinators are the bridge between patients and the clinical team. They guide patients through their treatment journey, from initial consultation to the final stages of care. As such, they need a thorough understanding of patient dynamics, from new patient numbers to consultation conversion rates. A clear overview of these metrics can empower treatment coordinators to fine-tune their strategies and enhance patient experiences.

Gaidge Analytics caters to the specific needs of both these roles through the Exams & Starts Report. This dashboard serves as the lifeblood of daily practice metrics. It provides a wealth of valuable data, from Exams and New Patients Added to Referrals.

With such high-level detail, treatment coordinators can improve their patient management strategies and ensure effective communication. It also enables marketing coordinators to refine their marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

With Gaidge, these roles can transition from reactive to proactive positions. Data visualization empowers coordinators to foresee trends, seize opportunities, and strategize for better patient care and practice growth.

Observation Coordinators

For observation coordinators, timing is of the essence. It's important that they never miss opportunities to start treatment and effectively nurture patient relationships over time. To do so, they need a data-driven strategy to seize treatment opportunities and build patient relationships effectively.

Tracking and managing an extensive observation pool can be quite daunting, though, which is why Gaidge Analytics offers the Observation Report. It provides observation coordinators with a clear view of the patient pipeline and where they need to focus. The report also offers actionable insights and reveals trends across all the buckets in the observation pool. Altogether, it equips coordinators to accurately track each patient and attend to them at the right time.

Moreover, the Observation Report allows observation coordinators to streamline their strategies and ensure they never miss a patient. This powerful tool simplifies complex data, providing insights on the number of observation exams conducted. Specifically, it measures the percentage of treatments that transitioned from observation to start. These metrics help observation coordinators refine strategies to meet the industry goal of 20-25% monthly observation-to-start conversions.

Overall, Gaidge's Observation Report provides the data for coordinators to effectively manage their pool, prompt starts, and bolster practice health.

Clinical Coordinators, Front Desk, Doctors, and Marketing

In your orthodontic practice, multiple roles intersect at the scheduling phase. Clinical coordinators, front desk staff, doctors, and marketing teams are all impacted by—and have an impact on—the scheduling process.

As such, Gaidge's Schedule Report is a powerful tool for effective team management, catering to the diverse needs of your team. It offers detailed insights on schedule, reflecting practice busyness and efficiency. The report also presents key data on patients beyond completion, those without appointments, and the count of retention appointment completions.

Additionally, for clinical coordinators, the Treatment Efficiency report presents key statistics:

  • Ratio of Debonds and Starts per Debond
  • Value per Visit and Average Number of Visits
  • A comparison of Estimated versus Actual Months to Completion

Gaidge aids clinical coordinators in honing their team management skills, helping them effectively delegate tasks. It also helps front desk staff improve customer service, and it allows doctors to provide more personalized patient care. Gaidge also empowers marketing coordinators to create impactful strategies. With this comprehensive approach, you can build a successful team and practice.

Gaidge Analytics: Data-Driven Decision-Making for Your Entire Practice

In your competitive industry, you shouldn't ignore the power of big data. It's not just numbers or charts; it's the lifeblood that can define your practice's success and growth trajectory.

With its intuitive interface, Gaidge Analytics translates complex data sets into clear, easy-to-understand insights. Whether you're evaluating performance on a monthly, quarterly, yearly, or 5-year basis, Gaidge makes your data easily accessible and crystal clear.

Importantly, Gaidge Analytics empowers your team to visualize progress like never before, set measurable goals, and track progress towards them. It does more than just offer metrics—it unlocks the door to the full potential of your practice.

With thorough data analysis, your team can create a plan to achieve impressive growth, productivity, and excellence. Gaidge Analytics helps your orthodontic practice stay ahead and lead the way in the data-driven future.

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