Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Gaidge information?

The information for Gaidge is collected and electronically transferred nightly to the secure Gaidge website, A user login name and password allows you to access your practice statistics. Click here to request your username and password.

Aren't these numbers in my management system?

Yes, these numbers are in your management system. However, the information is scattered in various reports, requiring a practice to create and generate reports and transfer results into a central reporting framework. This can be a time-consuming process, especially with the possibility of multiple office locations. Gaidge quickly and accurately assembles these numbers into a meaningful format.

How do I get started?

We have developed an interface with Carestream (OrthoTrac), cloud9Ortho, Dolphin, and Ortho2 (ViewPoint and Edge) to transfer the required information to Gaidge nightly. The Gaidge team will assist you in setting up the framework that will generate information for your practice metrics. Click here to request your demo today!

When will Gaidge be available for my practice management software?

We are continually working with different practice management software providers to integrate Gaidge. The list below shows the systems we currently integrate with and the minimum version you must be running for us to be able to integrate with your software. We are currently working on additional integrations, so check back soon if you do not see your practice management system listed.

  • The cloud9ortho interface with Gaidge is available in version 4.2 and greater.
  • The CS OrthoTrac interface with Gaidge is available in version 11.3 and greater.
  • The Dolphin Management interface with Gaidge is available in version 5.0 and greater.
  • The Ortho2 Edge interface with Gaidge is available in version and greater.
  • The Ortho2 ViewPoint interface with Gaidge is available in version and greater.
If you are interested in an Gaidge integration with another practice management software package, please let us know.

Gaidge Mobile FAQ

What is Gaidge Mobile?

Gaidge Mobile is a new and separate app developed by the Gaidge team specifically for mobile devices. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices and delivers a concise overview of your practice. Click here for more information about Gaidge Mobile

How is Gaidge Mobile different from the regular Gaidge website?

Gaidge Mobile focuses on four areas of key practice metrics for quick and easy glimpses of practice performance: Production & Collection, Starts, Case Acceptance and Accounts Receivable. As a part of Gaidge Mobile, key values are indicated with GREEN or RED to indicate practice performance as compared to industry benchmarks.

How do I get access to Gaidge Mobile?

Once you download and install the Gaidge Mobile app, you simply login using the same user name and password that you currently use to access Gaidge. If you have access to the Gaidge Dashboard, then you have everything you need to get started with Gaidge Mobile.

How much does Gaidge Mobile Cost?

There are no additional costs, set up fees or monthly fees to use Gaidge Mobile. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play store and loaded onto any mobile device.

Is there any additional setup required to use Gaidge Mobile?

No additional set up is required to get started with Gaidge Mobile. Users are granted access to the components of Gaidge Mobile based on their permissions to access the full Gaidge system.

We do recommend reviewing the permissions granted to each Role assigned to your staff members. Gaidge Mobile will default to the current settings in Gaidge.

What Practice Management Systems will Gaidge Mobile integrate with?

Gaidge Mobile will work with all currently integrated software systems: Cloud9, Dolphin Management, Ortho2 Edge and Viewpoint and OrthoTrac.

Will Gaidge Mobile work on any type of Mobile Device?

The Gaidge Mobile app is designed for any Apple phone or tablet as well as Android phones and tablets. The app is designed to scale to fit your device.

Can I use Gaidge Mobile on more than one device?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of devices you can install the Gaidge Mobile app on. Every member of your team that has access to Gaidge can install the app and use it.

Who can access Gaidge Mobile?

To simplify getting started with Gaidge Mobile, the app will use the same permission settings that you have configured for Roles within Gaidge. If a team member’s role provides them access to the Gaidge Dashboard, then they have access to the same sections of Gaidge Mobile.

Can I limit which Staff members have access to Gaidge Mobile?

You can control access to Gaidge Mobile by editing the Role for each staff member you want to have access to Gaidge Mobile. By assigning access to the Gaidge Dashboard, then that user has access to Gaidge Mobile. Additionally, you can turn on (or off) specific sections of the Dashboard and the Gaidge Mobile app will automatically recognize those changes and adjust access to the corresponding tabs in Gaidge Mobile.

How do I get training for Gaidge Mobile?

Visit the Gaidge website ( and click on the Mobile tab. If you are using a cellular device and need additional help, simply tap on the phone number at the top of the screen, and you will be connected directly with our support team.

What do the RED and GREEN triangles next to YTD and SMLY values mean?

When displaying a SMLY (Same Month Last Year) and some YTD (Year to Date) values, you will see a GREEN triangle next to that number if the value for the selected month is UP (or higher) than the SMLY value. Similarly, if you see a RED triangle, that indicates that the value for the selected month is DOWN from that SMLY or YTD value.

What does the bar underneath some of the numbers represent?

If you set up Goals in Gaidge for your practice, individual location or both, then you can see progress to some of those goals in Gaidge Mobile. If you see a solid GREEN bar below a value, that indicates that you have achieved 100% of the selected goal. If you see a partial BLUE bar below a value, then the solid portion of the bar is showing your progress towards your goal. You can also tap on the value or the bar and Gaidge Mobile will show you what the Goal is, your progress towards that goal for the month and for the year. If you see a GREY bar below a number, that simply indicates that no goal has been defined for the selected month.

Why are some of the values in GREEN text, others in RED text and some in BLACK text?

When there is a BENCHMARK available for a specific value, Gaidge will color that value GREEN if you are above or within the benchmark range. If you are outside of the benchmark, then the value will be presented in RED text. If there is no benchmark for a specific value, then that value will appear in BLACK text.