Gaidge is the leading provider of real-time practice analytics for orthodontists. Designed to be an easy-to-use analysis framework that simplifies collecting and generating key practice information, Gaidge continues to deliver meaningful statistics month after month. Click here to learn more about Gaidge.

"... The easy access from home or office, for me or my staff, keeps my practice at its best..."

Richard E. Boyd, DMD, MS

Richard Boyd Orthodontics

Columbia, SC

Richard E Boyd

Gaidge is the lifeline to my practice. I have been spoiled with the easy-to-use, graphic design. I review it every day to retrieve "pulse of the practice" statistics.

Todd S. Bovenizer, DDS, MS

Bovenizer Orthodontics

Cary, NC

Todd S. Bovenizer

"Your Gaidge tool identifies trends, confirms them, and allows owner/doctors the chance to "manage" through this resource faster than anything available... like having night vision goggles."

Chris Bentson

Bentson Clark & Copple

Orthodontic Transition and Valuation Services

Chris Bentson

"Gaidge gives me a quick snapshot or a detailed picture of my practice with benchmarks that identify areas of concern. I can't imagine practicing without it."

James D. "Tripp" Leitner, III

Thomas and Leitner Orthodontics

Rock Hill, SC

Key Practice Management Data Analysis

Key Practice Management Information

Crucial practice management information identified and delivered immediately in meaningful charts and graphs with very little staff involvement.

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A successful orthodontic practice requires managing the clinical and the business components efficiently and profitably. Gaidge provides accurate and strategic information in a timely manner allowing you to monitor performance, spot trends, and make decisions.

The Gaidge solution offers over 30 visual reports giving you detailed information about your practice performance. Gaidge also provides the numbers behind the charts broken down monthly and/or by location so you can easily track down areas of concern.

Orthodontic Practice Analytics Dashboard

Useful Practice Management Benchmarks

Our benchmarks allow you to compare your information to industry standards determined by leading consultants to help you set and achieve goals for your practice.

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Gaidge provides a wide array of visual reports which allow you to easily spot areas of concern in your practice. Industry benchmarks provide practice targets and our warnings will alert you if a specific area needs some attention. The Gaidge dashboard highlights the most critical charts that provide a quick snapshot of your practice performance each month. Other graphs contain more detailed practice metrics. Graphs can be viewed for the entire practice or can be broken down by location.

Compare Your Practice Nationally and Regionally

Regional and National Comparison Data

Comparison data is available so you can view your practice information in comparison to industry trends on a regional or national level. This information is not available anywhere else.

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For years, doctors have asked “What’s going on with other practices in my area?” Historically, these numbers have been difficult to obtain and verify because it required filling out a survey and calculating mountains of information. Gaidge is storing data from practices for purposes of comparing numbers at a regional and national level. Practice specific information will never be revealed.

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Gaidge, the Practice Performance Analysis Solution

Gaidge is an easy to use analysis framework that simplifies the process of collecting data and producing meaningful practice information. Gaidge provides accurate and strategic information in a timely manner allowing a practice to monitor performance, spot trends, and make decisions.

Gaidge’s comparison feature gives you the ability to compare your practice statistics with other regional and national averages of practices who participate in Gaidge. This gives you a current evaluation of what is happening in the industry and how your practice stacks up.

Gaidge is also an informative tool for your consultant. Providing your consultant with access to your information will create a gateway of simple data exchange eliminating hours of work for both of you!